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Top 10 construction companies in Hyderabad

Posted by propertyratings on June 21, 2021
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Hyderabad is one the city in India which is well infrastructure. The construction company play a huge role to develop the city and now the time Hyderabad has become the hub of infrastructure companies. According to some reports, Hyderabad is a technology hub of India like according to a recent BBC report Hyderabad is the new silicon valley of India that growing fast. For a better future of Hyderabad, companies are giving there so much effort to build the city. So here we talk about the top 10 construction companies that contributing to Develop the city.

The credit of built a construction site goes to civil engineers, engineers plan the project of the site. They calculate things like weather and load required of building etc.

1.Aditya construction company

The company was built in 2002 and till now providing the best construction service in Hyderabad. The credit for the success of the company goes to its good structure plans, good choice of resources, and the perfect execution of the plan. When developing a site company make sure that the Vaastu of the building is perfect. Also, the company fully focused on good construction materials and drowning before start to build a site. The company aims to give the best service to the customer and by the trust of the peoples, the company comes to this far. The company now comes up with a premium tag resulting from the trust and reliability that the company gives to customers.

  1. Phoenix

The company has a huge reputation in Hyderabad because it’s a conglomerate company that includes automobile and mining in it. The company is also included in various businesses it gives the company more exposure. This is one of the powerful companies in Hyderabad that offer you many facilities. The company take place in one of the best company in India and provide a good service to the client. The company has a good name among leading companies in India.

  1. VSR Construction Pvt.Ltd.

The company got a national reputation for serving the best quality to clients in the corporate world. The company’s faith in the client makes it unique and trustworthy. The company handles large civil projects. The company provides a good service in making road, dames, and bridge. The company has a great name for providing financial goodness and quality work. This one also comes in the list of leading companies of Hyderabad and maintaining the name well in the list with its quality work.

  1. NCC limited

The motto of the company is making a better world to live in. The founder of the company is Dr. Avs Raju. Honored with Padma Shri. The company providing its service for over the three-decade. Over this time the company never go down to its belief which is providing a better world. The company stuck with its rule and provide you a good service as it says. The company took place in the list of a leading construction company and provide quality work to clients.

  1. IL & FS Engineering and construction company limited

The company provides a good service in whole India. It is serving around two decades and giving quality work to clients. the company is famous for taking the challenge in every kind of situation. The company provide service in every environment and that makes it different, this is one of the leading company of Hyderabad which serves the best. The company leading at the top for many years and most of the clients are happy with the company serves as the data says.

  1. ECI engineering and construction company

This company gives the best facilities in every aspect of it is budget and safety management or if it is time management. it’s providing its service since 1974, and since the time it is established its name as a big construction company. The company is known for its big complex project. The company does so many projects and a good team handling the company that makes it better. According to a survey company growing fast over the years.

  1. DCS limited

Many engineers from the Southern part of India responsible for making this company. The company got its name in the year 1994. the persons behind these companies are Mr. Raghu Prasad, a civil engineering student, Mr. Satya Prasad a finance expert, and Mr. Hari Prasad, a student of mechanical engineering along with Mr. R B Bhatkar, a civil engineering student. They are experts in various fields that’s how this leading company took place. The company has several records under it and that makes it an even more famous company in Hyderabad.

  1. Lakshmi contractions

After many years company are leading into contraction business and giving the one of the best facility to the client. The new young team, best quality work, and style are some factor that is helping company for growth in the market. The company provides a very unique design. The company also has a  branch in Bangalore. Most of the people like to take this company facility because they want their happy home. The company is leading into this business and make a big make into this business over the years.

  1. HCC Hindustan construction co. ltd.

The company provides you world-class infrastructure which is rarely possible in India for any company.  The company comes on the list of a top company in Hyderabad. It contributes in twenty-five percent of India hydel power and it generates sixty-five percent nuclear power of India and this list also include 3800 km of highways and around 365 bridge. This list of the infrastructure by this company is long. This one also a top leading company in Hyderabad.

  1. My Home

The company leading the construction business in a very good way. They providing homes as people’s choice and famous for their different types of infrastructure. The company providing their service for a very long time and provide a great lifestyle to people by making a great house. The company has a minimum of sixteen branches in India. Over the years the company got very famous in Hyderabad as well as India.

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